Rottaprint did a full online rebranding with a website overhaul. It is the largest flexographic printing company producing self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging with offices in 3 European countries. Rottaprint’s name is part of the company’s history and evokes the technological process of printing. The team decided in 2019 that it was time for a new identity for their brand. Within this process, they asked Baldwin to help with the new website. We were more than happy to help them continue the story of what Rottaprint is today, after almost 30 years of experience.


“The rebranding process is the card you use when there are inconsistencies and confusion in the market. A brand exists in the minds of your customers, not within an organization.“


We established the requirements and functionalities that needed to be implemented on the website. The homepage has a mix of everything you need to know about the company, products, technologies, reviews, and contact information. The team at Baldwin choose a simple design as this was the best way to pass the relevant information to their customers.

Usage & Tracking

We deliver SEO and SEA functionalities with every website we launch, to make sure all the pages are indexed correctly by search engines. 

We implemented Google Analytics to track user behavior on the website, Google Tag Manager to easily deploy tracking codes and events, Google and Bing Webmaster Tools to monitor organic performance.


After the development of the Rottaprint website was finished, our marketing team made sure everything is SEO proofed and continued the rebranding announcements online, on Social Media platforms. 

The go-live of the website got quite some media attention, so we made sure the website is easy to find, thanks to search campaigns and Social Media presence.


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