Webshop development, user experience and tracking, these are the services we helped Matthys with. Matthys is a specialist in the direct sales of tools and equipment used in restoration projects for cars and motorcycles: blasting equipment, paint, polishing tools, oils, power tools etc. The company is selling across Europe to both professional and private users alike and aims to help their target audience to recondition their goods by offering them tools at a great quality-price ratio.

Webshop: www.matthys.net

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Webshop development, usage, and tracking, these are the services we helped them with. But first thing first, it all started with a meeting.

If you regularly read our portfolio, you are probably familiar with our way of working. Our collaborations always start with a briefing for development, the phase when we gather all the data we need in order to start planning the work.

Technical research helped us gather all the information we needed in order to create a structure for the website. We adjusted it according to the client’s feedback until we established the final version.

Since the client is selling across Europe, the website needed to be a multi-language project that incorporates languages such as English, German, French, and Dutch. The design needed to be clean and simple. And once gone live, our marketing set-up had to offer them an unseen level of growth.

Design & development

When it comes to webshops, the true challenge is to translate the concept of the brand into a good-looking, easy to navigate website. Our team of designers opted for a clean design, that would highlight the products sold by the client. The product categories are intuitive and easy to find.

The developers installed the test server and the platform, integrated the modules needed, programmed the custom back-end functions and programmed the templates. The products were synchronized via an ERP solution. The webshop is developed in Magento 2, which offers great opportunities to business owners.


SEO & SEA functionalities occupy an important position among the essential configurations we provide before the launch of a website. We make sure the webshops we develop are properly indexed by search engines and all the marketing data gathered is accurate.
Therefore, we implemented tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools. We made sure all the 301 redirects are made in place and al the accounts are properly configured.

Site launch

We made sure our go-live checklist is completed. The webshop was tested by both our team and the client. Now, it is live and can be seen at www.matthys.net.
We’re happy to work with a diverse range of webshops: from niche fashion businesses such as Rosette la Vedette, to international leisure businesses such as CanvasCamp or international automotive businesses, such as Matthys.

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