Collectors In The house is an international e-commerce webshop of 100% authentic vintage and antique collectibles. It is a true global player, targeting the market of niche collectors and antique enthusiasts. They sell items with a value from 5 euros to more than 50,000 euros. Before that, Collectors In The house sold their products on Etsy and eBay. However, their profit margin drops dramatically due to the aggressive approach of these American platforms. The high transaction costs resulted in Collectors In The House looking for a partner to build their own platform. They came to Baldwin with the request to build a technologically strong webshop in a short time.

Collectors In The House -


A real bottleneck in this project is that Collectors In The house owns 100,000 unique products. Therefore, uploading product data is a critical point in this webshop. Baldwin provides technical support through the creation of a Product Information Management (PIM).

An additional difficulty was that the customer database is located in Etsy and eBay. Loyal customers only know Collectors In The house through these platforms. That’s why they will continue to use them in addition to the webshop. For this reason, the PIM is configured in such a way that their data can seamlessly integrate with Etsy and eBay. For each created product, they can choose in the PIM which channels sell it. Each external sales platform has its own data feed requirements, specific attributes and parameters that are sent along with the products.

We connected this PIM with Magento. It contains all the correct product data, and Magento forwards this to the webshop. In addition, there is a daily synchronisation in the PIM with the external platforms in order to keep all information up-to-date on all platforms.


During the development of the webshop, we gave a lot of attention to SEO. Potential customers look for a very specific product that fits their collection. Therefore, it is very important that there is a unique detailed description of each product in the H1 tag. Through this extensive H1 tag, Collectors In The house can link niche collectors to the right product they have been looking for for a long time.

We also focused on page speed optimisation. For example, 10 to 15 high-quality images are visible per product. This is much more than on an average webshop. Consequently, it was a technical challenge to keep the product pages light. This also benefits the SEO score of the various product pages and general website of Collectors In The house.

Extensive Search Function

We installed a very extensive search function on the webshop, with the intention to improve UX. The customer is put completely central. Collectors each have their own niche that they need to find immediately. Therefore, the search function helps visitors to filter quickly and in detail among the thousands of products. For example, it is possible to search specifically for different types of products, time period, material,… This both in the search function and through the product filters.

Product Description

On the product page, there is a very extensive product description for each product. In particular, it is important to give a description of the style, origin, time period, material and dimensions. In addition, the focus is on the condition of the product. Collectors In The House sell products that have not been restored, in order to preserve the unique original condition. The extensive product gallery therefore also shows detailed photos so that the state is visible in detail.

Finally, on every product page we mention the customer-oriented service about shipping and payment. Collectors In The House also focusses on the importance of shipping in the best possible condition, as it concerns large and fragile items.


We are very proud of the good cooperation between our team and the client. Together we enthusiastically worked on this challenge to develop this technically strong e-commerce webshop. As a result, Collectors In The House now has its own platform that is internationally successful.

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