Hoprom is a Belgian residential real estate developer with more than 25 years of experience. The importance they give to aesthetics and customization in their work made it extremely important for us to deliver a website that’s beyond their expectations. And we succeeded with a brand new WordPress website!

Website: www.hoprom.be

webshop for real estate

They build apartments in top locations, with amazing architecture, using high-quality materials. What differentiates them in the industry is the importance given to the personal approach. Hoprom offers its clients professional guidance, with the help of an architect, to make sure each home will be according to their clients’ needs and preferences.


We knew how each page will look like and which were the functionalities the client wanted us to implement. The content was delivered in a structured way, as well as the images and videos. Thanks to careful planning to the smallest details, the work went flawlessly. The website is WordPress, integrated with a specific CRM, based on Hoprom’s requirements.

Usage and tracking

We deliver SEO and SEA functionalities with every website we launch, to make sure all the pages are indexed correctly by search engines. We implemented Google Analytics to track user behavior on the website, Google Tag Manager to easily deploy tracking codes and events, Google and Bing Webmaster Tools to monitor organic performance, added alt tags on images and we made sure all the 301 redirects from the old website are correct and working.

Go live and advertising

The advertising plan was created in advance and the campaigns were scheduled at the moment of launch, according to the budget and strategy. All campaigns target Belgium and are in dutch, while French ads will be added in the future when the website will become multi-language.

As their properties are very luxurious, our challenge is to reach the correct audience, as it’s very narrow due to the price and exclusivity of their offers. The main advertising channel we use for Hoprom is Google AdWords, where we constantly optimize the campaigns, update the target audiences, test, monitor and evaluate.


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