We are very excited about this Magento webshop for fashion! Gallerys The Hoever family is a pioneer in the “fashion boutique” concept. In the swinging 60’s they opened the first fashion boutiques in Antwerp. You could find anything over there, from clothing to accessories. The clothing style was determined by icons from Hollywood movies and music from that period: a turning point in the fashion world!

By 2015 GALLERYS opened a second boutique in Lier with super feminine and trendy women clothing at affordable prices. Gallerys entrusted the project to Baldwin to familiarize them with the world of e-commerce. Through targeted conversations and workshops we taught them the expertise on the subjects of blogging, photography, design, copywriting and the management of Magento.

We chose a full-screen responsive layout which lets the images speak for themselves as much as possible. For the basic product information such as price, VAT, color, … we wrote an exchange with software that connects to WASP. The whole structure is built in a way that allows the webshop to be maintained by one person, and when the webshop starts to grow, every facet can be scaled perfectly.

Website: www.gallerys.be

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