We offered Farewell Services two services: web development and digital marketing. It is an Australian business that acknowledged that organizing a funeral is difficult, especially when there are so many things to take care of. There’s a time for planning and a time for grieving. This is why they created a website so the clients can make a beautiful keepsake of their loved ones online and save precious time.

Website: www.farewellservices.com.au


Our collaboration with Farewell Services was divided into 2 phases: development and digital marketing. Our careful planning was translated later into a natural flow of the work.


The client’s wish? To have a website from where the clients can make a beautiful keepsake on their lost love ones, through some beautifully designed funeral booklets, programs, and bookmarks. Basically, they wanted the client to be able to easily create and order a personalized template.

The first step to ordering a product online is choosing the design and layout. Farewell Services has a whole inventory of templates that the client can choose from. The next step is to customize the content: the number of pages, name, date of birth & death, time & place of the funeral, photographs, poems, the order of service for the funeral, etc.

Once the product is ready, the user can preview it and decide wheatear it needs changes or not. When the template is ready, the order can be placed. The final product can be picked up from one of the 160 physical stores or delivered. This way, the users can save precious time, having the desired template just a few clicks away.

Preparing the website for launch

We worked on preparing the launch of the website by planning the structure of URLs, robots.txt, sitemap, and keyword research. We made a list of all the Google Analytics events we needed and created an SEO checklist for the development team.

Usage & tracking

The implementation of marketing tools is what our digital team likes the most. Why? Because they allow them to measure conversions, but they also give them fresh insights into how visitors are using the website. They made sure Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Tag Manager are implemented and are properly working.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are appreciated for their insights about visitors, traffic, demographics, behaviors, overall website health, indexing status, and the list can go on. Google Tag Manager helps us track various events on the website, without having to pass the process through the development team.


After the website was live, our team finished setting and testing all the marketing tools, to make sure the data is accurate. Because of the business profile, we decided to only use Google Adwords for advertising the website. We prepared all the campaigns, which were activated after the website was live. Search, Display & Shopping campaigns, this is what we provide for Farewell Services.

Because content marketing is a powerful tool, we decided to create educational blog content for Farewell Services. We promoted it effectively in order to attract visitors through the website, convert them into clients, and later, on happy promoters of the brand.

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