Design and webshop development, these are the services we helped EcareXpress with. EcareXpress is a business specialized in professional and individual equipment for safety, protection, and care. They started in 2009 by selling first aid products and offering reviews for the first aid kits for companies. As a request from their customers, they developed their range of products by also including the selling of safety shoes and clothes, disposables, sprinkler kits, etc.



If you are familiar with our portfolio, you may know by now our way of working. Each collaboration starts with a briefing for development, a phase which implies the gathering of data we need, in order to start planning the work. It is followed by technical research, the creation of the web site’s structure and proper communication with our client in order to process all the feedback and translate it into the final proposal.


Our designers created the wireframes by keeping in mind the user’s point of entry. They managed to translate the EcareXpress concept into a ready to sell, good-looking website. The design is clean, and it highlights the products sold by the client. The categories are intuitive and easy to find.


Good prior planning ensured an easy development phase. Our team of devs programmed all the custom backend functions and the project took shape when our back-end team programmed the templates. The webshop was tested by both our team and the client before being launched.

Magento 2 is perfectly encountering the needs of a webshop. Because it’s very flexible, it’s suitable for both small and large, B2B and B2C businesses.

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