We helped DingGo with an SEO audit and an SEO strategy to get more organic traffic to the website. DingGo is a small business born in Sydney, Australia, at the beginning of 2017. They want to change the way people are repairing their cars. They aim to make your life more convenient, by providing comparable quotes from verified local panel beaters. So, if someone needs car repairs services, the solution is to easily use their platform in order to request quotes, compare multiple offers, choose, and book the one that fits your needs.

Website: dinggo.com.au

We love businesses that aim to make everyone’s life easier. That’s why it was such a pleasure to work together with DingGo. How we helped, you wonder?

SEO audit

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial for any website’s online presence. Its purpose is to obtain visibility through a higher ranking. Since SEO is complex and vast, it’s one of the most important elements when working on a holistic online marketing strategy. At Baldwin, we know that search engines calculate the rank of websites based on hundreds of factors.

Our SEO audit offers a checklist of all the elements that need to be improved and proper documentation for each one of these elements. It included mentions about the: website structure, canonical URLs, metadata, HTML sitemap, Google & Bing Webmaster Tools, Robots & Sitemap, Analytics & Facebook code, etc. The SEO audit doesn’t just stop here. Our colleagues are still following up with DingGo’s developers regarding these improvements, in order to track the implementation status.

Keyword research for SEO & SEA

The difference between a website that gets plenty of organic searches and a website that gets none is represented by the keywords used for SEO. We always ask ourselves if the keywords used on a website are targeting what users are searching for. That’s why we used various tools to research the proper keywords for our clients: for both SEA and SEO.

We provided a keyword list for Google AdWords, organized by campaigns. We included data about the number of monthly searches, competition, suggested bids and even suggestions for match types. Moreover, we created a separate list for SEO with the main keywords, alternative keywords and phrases for each service offered. This way, the website will get plenty of organic and paid visits. 😉

Tracking configurations

At Baldwin, having a well set in place tracking is a must. Each time we work for a new client, we make sure all the data is properly collected, so the insights used for the digital strategy are accurate. After auditing the current tracking configurations of the website, we made a list of all the elements that can be improved. We properly configured the Google Analytics account, implemented the goals and the events. All data is now centralized into an easy to overlook Google Data Studio report.

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