Rewarded fashion deserves great website development! That’s why we upgraded Christian Wijnants to a Magento 2 webshop. Antwerp-based designer Christian Wijnants, who formerly assisted Dries Van Noten, is definitely a name to know. He won the Dries Van Noten Award for the best collection in 2000 for his graduate collection at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Christian presented his collection at the prestigious Festival d’Hyères. There he was awarded the Grand Prix. Later, stores including Colette (Paris), Pineal Eye (London), and Via Bus Stop (Tokyo) picked up his collection. After working with Van Noten in Antwerp and Angelo Tarlazzi in Paris, Christian launched his eponymous label in 2003.

A Magento 2 website for the 2020 Season

After working on the Christian Wijnants website on Magento 1, we’ve put on the all-new 2020 collection and started working on migrating the website to Magento 2. Classy, stylish, and 100% perfect for a renowned fashion designer.

First of all, we must state that from a design perspective, the website already had a clean and simple direction as we’ve designed and built the first version. Still, we loved implementing new design tweaks and including new features on the new version. The stars of the website are photos. So, with that in mind, we kept the speed of the website the main priority. Seamless navigation in the store was an absolute must.


Christian Wijnants fashion designer


The catwalk

It’s our turn to take the spotlight, so let’s get right to presenting the technical details for our 2020 fall-winter Magento collection. The Magento 1 store was linked and synced to an ERP and now everything regarding the store is handled in Magento 2. This is available for the webshop and the physical store, with a POS module used for the physical store. The Magento 2 webshop handles all basic product information and also supports USD and EUR currencies. Then we migrated the customers and products that were already enriched in Magento 1, so there was no need of doing it from scratch on Magento 2. Even so, the entire project was not a piece of cake, but the end result is outstanding.

A great feature we implemented is the store locator on the webshop. This helps customers find the nearest physical store where Christian Wijnants products are available. Another feature added was the Blog. We consider this extremely useful for marketing promotion and a must-have for posting fashion-related news and posts. Regarding the main attraction of a fashion website – the photos – we made them stand out.  We implemented a cool zoom on the products, for greater product detail. Everything was custom built.

This would look fabulous on

  • Webshops that want to switch from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Businesses that want to constantly improve their webshop. Increasing speed, improving functionalities, implementing new ones, choosing to make the leap to Magento 2
  • Businesses that have physical stores and an online shop, and see the need to better link the two.

Try on our collection

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